Car transport

The lorry fleet includes four super-modern lorries with a loading capacity of up to ten lorries.

Transport BOES specialises in transporting super-low sports cars, exclusive vintage vehicles, new and second-hand lorries, mobile homes, large trailers, light lorries, Vespas, motorbikes, etc.

A big advantage is that we make weekly journeys to Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Every two weeks, we go to Eastern Bloc countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We can also travel to countries such as Poland and the Scandinavian countries.

Our transport company offers top quality, short delivery terms and a super-flexible service. We load every Monday in Italy but can also load/unload as per requests. Temporary storage is also an option.

Transport BOES: the best choice for car transport.

Transport Boes

Steenweg naar Borgloon 17
3830 Wellen, Belgium

T : +32 (0)12 74 18 41
F : +32 (0)12 74 73 35

E :

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